Millionaire Dating: How to Marry a Millionaire & Date Wealthy Men

Published: 10th June 2008
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Do you want to marry a millionaire? Well, you have a good chance of achieving your goal if you take notice of the following advice.

Know What You Want.

Make learning how to marry a millionaire, your mission in life. You may get many rejections but if you keep focused on your goal anything is achievable.

Have Plenty of Friends.

Finding and marrying a millionaire takes friends and spies working with you and for you. It will help if you can create a network of people helping to look for someone. Your family and friends know you best and they can always be on the look out for you, with your best interest at heart.

Show Up at Millionaire Places.

If you want to marry a millionaire, you have to go to where the millionaires are.

Join Millionaire Dating Service.

This option is a no brainer! Register at these specific Millionaire Dating services to meet wealthy men. These websites cater to millionaires; talented and successful men who've achieved wealth and status and who are looking to meet a like minded women for dating, companionship and marriage. Many of these wealthy men are ready to share the benefits of their lifestyle with stylish and sophisticated women. These Millionaire Dating services are mainly for rich and wealthy people seeking enduring relationships, so why not join and find your Millionaire here?,, just name a few.

Know Who The Millionaires Are!

If you want to marry rich, you have to know who they are. Read the financial pages in the newspapers, check out the social news scene and real estate and property section in your newspapers. Design ways to meet the guys who have the 'right' qualifications and be friendly. Know where they will be on specific days and times and make a plan to get near them, start a conversation, and invite them for coffee. Sounds brazen doesn't it, but if you appear confident you will feel confident!

Take No Notice Of Any Critics.

Plenty of people will deride and make fun of you but if you want to achieve your goal, be unshakable. You must be impervious to criticism and be focused.

Most Important - Never Give Up.

Never lose sight of your goal. Some people want to be a doctor. Some want to be an astronaut. You want to marry a millionaire. End of story.

Did you know that nearly half of all marriages in the US. end in divorce but only one-third of millionaire couples get divorced. The reason is that both the man and the woman make conscious choices and while they also choose people who are attractive to them, they place more value on other characteristics such as intelligence, sincerity, cheerfulness, reliability, and affection.

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